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Banish Fatigue

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Have you been feeling down and out? Got that dreaded 3pm slump? Or maybe it's lasting all day like the morning sickness that is not at all isolated to the morning?

There are so many causes for the dreaded, ubiquitous Energy Dip.

Energy Suckers are all around us. That's a post for another time.

For now - let's talk about Energy Givers.

It's not all about caffeine my friends, there is so much more you can do! Next time you're feeling sluggish - try any one or more of these things - let me know how it works for you.

1. Drink something hydrating 💦- there's no replacement for this. Must. Drink. Water. Electrolytes too. Patients have been LOVING those big notched Hydration Motivator bottles. Also electrolyte powders (clean non-junky ones please) Whatever works for you, but you gotta do it. Helps with energy, mood, focus, skin, digestion, you literally will die without it, so DRINK. Please. Thank you.

2. Get some Sunshine ☀️- it's finally spring here in Southern Ontario - get some sunshine on your face. Ideally in the first half hour after you wake up. Doesn't have to be for long. You can definitley involve your kids in this action if you like, but sunshine on the skin and eyeballs in the morning helps to regulate your circadian rhythm, helps improve sleep, mood, PMS symptoms, and so much more. Any time of day it will help your energy levels. Plants are living things. They can't live without sun. Neither can we.

3. Eat some Protein 🥚- it is fuel for your brain. You will feel tired without it. So many options. I won't list them again - check out this list if you're stuck for ideas.

4. Move your Body 💃- Shake it Out, Dance it Out, Walk it Off, Jump around, literally anything will do - but sitting saps your body of energy and a little movement can really get all your blood pumping, and when your blood is pumping well - your organs are nourished and your energy skyrockets. Careful here - too much movement - ie Over-exercising can sap your body of energy. Balance. Don't overdo it.

5. Laugh 🤣- This is vital. Seriously. When you laugh, your stress response is downregulated. Endorphins are released. Your intake of oxygen is increased which stimulates your muscles, your heart, your lungs - boom - more energy.

6. Herbs - you know I love em. Peppermint is an easily accessible one that can help to stimulate your mind and increase your energy overall. Essential oil dabbed on your wrist, temples, under the nose or peppermint tea sniffed and sipped can both be helpful. Adaptogenic herbs are also key for helping your body cope with stress and fatigue. Rhodiola, Ginseng and Holy Basil are some of my faves, there are many others. It's important to find the one that bests suits your unique needs.

7. Vitamins - B complex is a big one required for energy production in the body. Many people report feeling a noticeable difference on days they don't take their B vitamins aka Energy pills.

There are many many factors that may be at play if you try these things and you are still struggling with low energy. If your sleep is not restorative, if you are not replete with your essential vitamins and minerals, if you have an underlying condition or infection these can all be sapping your energy and should be addressed. If these foundational elements don't help, or they don't help as much as you feel they should, or you want them to - please reach out. Let's do some investigation and figure it out. You deserve to feel great!


Dr Dori Skye Engel,
Naturopathic Doctor & Doula

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