Dr Dori’s Pregnan-Teas

January 10, 2019






An awesome new product from Dr. Dori: Dr Dori’s Pregnan-Teas! 


Here’s a sneak peek at the first blend - Budding Blossoms Early Pregnancy Tea, available exclusively, @urbanwellnessto & @evymama


These thoughtful blends, specially designed by Dr. Dori, come with a tip for considering while you sip your soothing, healing tea.

Budding Blossoms Early Pregnancy Tea

Ginger: This warming root increases energy and aids with dreaded morning sickness and indigestion. Supports circulation - an important feature as your blood volume will double during pregnancy.


Nettle: A nourishing tonic that can prevent anemia with its highly absorbable iron content, in addition to being rich in Vitamins A, C, D, K & high in essential minerals - calcium, potassium, phosphorous & sulphur. Nourishing & strengthening for the kidneys, eases leg cramps & muscle spasms. Improves elasticity of veins to prevent hemorrhoids & varicose veins. Eases high blood pressure.


Oatstraw: Nervine tonic - an anti-anxiety herb (who doesn't worry during pregnancy?), helpful for nervous fatigue & insomnia. Strengthens capillaries to prevent varicose veins & hemorrhoids.


Mint: Essential for morning sickness. Gentle digestive aid & anti nausea herb. Effective for any kind of bloating or gas. Stimulating eye-opener for the exhaustion of pregnancy. Lifts spirits and renews energy. 



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