COVID-19 Update 

Aaaaand we're back!

It's official.  Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario have been given the go ahead to start treating patients in person again. 

While this is great news, there is no underestimating the great responsibility that comes with it. 

Does this mean everything is right back to normal?  No.
Will the clinic look exactly the same as it did before we locked down? No.
Is COVID-19 a thing of the past? Ha! Wouldn't that be nice!

Based on the guidance of the Ministry of Health as well as our own regulatory body, in accordance with our continuing mandate to provide stellar care while still encouraging social distancing and limiting the spread of disease, there will be changes.

BYOM is the new BYOB (Bring Your Own Mask) - if you don't have one, we will have disposable ones to provide you.
I will be wearing a mask.
There will be plenty of hand washing.
Appointments will be staggered to avoid unnecessary contact between patients.

Is Telemedicine still an option if you don't require hands on care? Yes!
Can I get acupuncture in office now? Yes!
Can I get facial acupuncture in office now? Yes!
Can I order lab work and supplements and pick up custom blended botanical tinctures? Oh yeah!

As businesses and public spaces begin to reopen, fears about a second wave and increased risk of exposure is understandably on the rise.
By now we're pretty well versed in how to decrease exposure risk - wash hands, wear a mask, don't touch your face, social distance. We got that.

What about how to decrease risk of severity if you were to be exposed?
We've heard that the majority of hospitalized patients testing positive had one or more preexisting conditions, but that is not the riskiest part. The more important piece is how well managed that underlying condition is. How are your vitamin and nutrient levels? (Ahem - VITAMIN D!!) How's your diet? How's your cardiovascular health? How's your stress? How are you managing? The better your day to day quality of life is, regardless of pre-existing conditions, the better your chances of full and speedy recovery.

I am ever so slowly and cautiously thrilled to be able to welcome you into a healing space again.

Please feel free to get in touch in order to book an appointment, either in person, or online.

Russell Hill Chiropractic & Natural Health  at Eglinton Ave W & Avenue Rd 
Dupont Family Clinic at Dupont & Shaw Sts
I will continue to offer sliding scale appointments for anyone who needs it.  
If you need any supplements, you can always order online through Fullscript  Orders are being delivered in 1-3 days. Local to Toronto, we are able to arrange some porch pickups and drop offs, especially for individualized tinctures when needed. 

Wishing you love and light on this wild journey we're all on

All good things....


Dr Dori Skye Engel, ND
Naturopathic Doctor & Birth Doula


Dr. Dori Skye Engel, ND

Naturopathic Doctor, Birth Doula